About me

Jackie tang with 柒刀魚 QiDaoYu

Hi, I’m Jackie Tang!

I'm a gift wrapping designer and the owner of YouTube Channel - 柒刀魚 QiDaoYu.

Also I am a brand planner, consultant and market trainer from Guangdong, and I am very addicted to manual DIY.

As you might see on Instagram, I like crafts and creative themes.

In 2018, I started to use gift wrapping as a form of entertainment, which made me feel very relaxed and stimulated my creativity. But I also wanted to make these ideas and techniques more useful, so I started to use beautiful wrapping paper and origami to give gift wrapping more personality. At the same time, I started selling wrapping materials and making instructional videos online.

Whenever I see gift wrapping ideas sharing on Pinterest, I am surprised by people's creativity and fascinated by it.I decided to build my first YouTube channel, and also decided to build an online gift wrapping course, but I didn't dare to realize this idea until 2020.

I named the brand "QIDAOYU", which is derived from the lyrics "The taste of saury, cats and you want to know" and my lucky number "7".

Wrapping gifts is a happy and expectant process. It is the mind itself. Like gifts, they are worthy of being cherished and cherished.❤︎

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